Working with the Input Form  
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The Input Form is used to add new diagram elements and edit the last selected element. This topic describes various shortcuts available when using the Input Form.  
The figure above shows the input form for adding a new Call Message to the diagram. The fact that the Type combo box is enabled, the first button is labeled Add and the Change button is disable indicate that the Input Form is currently in add element mode. The values available in the Type combo box depend on whether the Insertion Position is in the header or body area of the diagram.  
You can press the Esc key at any time to clear the contents of the input form and return the focus back to the Type combo box (any changes to the editors will be lost).  
Auto Complete  
Most of the combo editors (with dropdown arrow) support auto-complete. The displayed auto-complete list is based on the text that has been typed so far. You can always drop-down the entire list (including entries that don't match the current text) by pressing the F4 key. When the drop-down list is down you can close it by pressing the F4 key again. The contents of the auto-complete list are based on the diagram information and classifiers associated with the header elements (see Classifiers for more details).  
Input Form Control Keyboard Shortcuts  
You may notice that the standard Edit keyboard shortcuts for text box and combo box controls such as Ctrl+X (Cut), Ctrl+C (Copy), Ctrl+V (Paste) now work with input form controls. Starting with release 1.6, the Cut/Copy/Paste shortcuts for diagram elements have been modified so that you can use the standard shortcuts when working with the input form. The one exception is the Ctrl+Z (Undo) shortcut, which is still tied to the application rather than an individual edit control. For undoing changes specific to an edit control, you can use the alternate shortcut described below. You can also use the alternate keyboard shortcuts for other operations as well, or use the context menu.  
Edit Input Form  
When one or more elements are selected, the Input Form allows you to edit the information for the last selected element. The figure below shows the input form for modifying an Action element in the diagram.  
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