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The View Menu provides commands to set the diagram zoom, navigate between views, and change diagram view display options.  
Zoom Menu
Change the zoom factor for the active diagram
Diagram Explorer
Activate the diagram explorer pane
Classifier Explorer
Activate the classifier explorer pane
Navigate Backward
Navigate to the previous view
Navigate Forward
Navigate to the next view in the navigation list
Input Form
Toggles whether the Input Form is displayed in the diagram view or hidden from view
Element Documentation Tips
Toggles whether Element Documentation Notes are displayed as Tooltips when the mouse hovers over an element with a documentation note or not displayed at all
Header Scroll Lock
Toggles whether the diagram header is locked in place during scrolling or is free to scroll with the rest of the diagram
Zoom Menu  
Zoom In
Increase zoom in the diagram
Zoom Out
Decrease zoom in the diagram
Page Width
Set zoom to display the entire page width
Whole Page
Set zoom to display the entire page
400% - 50%
Set zoom to the given value
Display custom zoom dialog
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