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You can configure several settings that affect how Sequence Diagram Editor works. These settings are accessible through the Options command in the tools menu (Tool | Options...). This command displays the user options dialog.  
General Page  
At Startup
Choose how the application behaves when started
Display Items in Recent Systems
Choose the number of items to include in the recent systems list at startup
Show Dialog Tooltips
Check to show dialog tooltips for dialogs supporting them
Auto-commit Input Form Changes
Check to auto-commit changes to input form when another item is selected without involving the user, uncheck to ask the user to decide whether or not to commit changes
Use Default Startup Directory
Check to use the given directory as the current directory for the application when first started
Default Startup Directory
Directory to use as default startup directory
Choose the default startup directory using an Open File dialog
New Diagram Font Name
Name of the font to use as the default font for new diagrams
New Diagram Font Size
Font size in points to use as the default font size for new diagrams
Show Guidelines in New Diagrams
Indicates if Guidelines (dotted lines) should be shown in new diagrams by default
Show Line Numbers in New Diagrams
Indicates if Line Numbers should be shown in new diagrams by default
SDS File Version
Version text for the SDS File used in diagram footer fields
Footer Page  
Sets the global footer text that is used by default in all diagram footers unless overriden through the diagram properties.  
See Also  
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