Team Development  
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Sequence Diagram Editor currently does not directly support team development. Enhancements to improve team development using SDE are planned for future releases.  
Version Control  
Sequence Diagram Editor system files are XML files than can easily be stored and managed using any version control system supporting text files. Use of version control is highly recommended when multiple people are working around the same system file(s) to avoid overwriting work and to support undoing unwanted changes to a file.  
Future versions of Sequence Diagram Editor may provide more direct support for version control systems.  
Diagram Import  
The diagram import feature (see Importing Diagram and Classifiers) can be used to incorporate changes to diagrams and/or classifiers performed in one system file into another.  
Suggestions for Team Development  
These are some suggestions for using SDE for team development.  
·Provide a central repository of diagram templates and classifiers for use by team members:  
·Pre-defined templates speed up the development of similar or related diagrams  
·Templates should be clearly marked and separated from the rest of the diagrams (e.g., use Templates folder)  
·A single system file can be used as the template repository, developers can then import the templates into their working system files.  
·Each team member can use a separate system file to create their diagrams to avoid conflicts and overwrites  
·Use version control whenever possible  
·Use Diagram Link/Sub Diagram elements to capture common or redundant sections of the diagram  
After individual team members have created their diagrams, they can all be imported into a master document containing all the diagrams/classifiers and establishing links between diagrams. When diagrams need to be modified, they can be imported into a separate file, modified, and re-imported into the master. Version control can be used to manage changes to the master.  

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