Starting the Application  
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Once you have installed the Sequence Diagram Editor software, you should have a new program folder in the Windows Start Menu under Programs»Effexis Sequence Diagram Editor. To start the application click on the Sequence Diagram Editor item in this folder or click on the Sequence Diagram Editor icon in your desktop.  
After a few seconds you should see the evaluation dialog box that indicates the software evaluation status and allows you to register the software. Note: This dialog box will no longer appear once the software has been registered.  
Enter Registration Code
Displays the registration dialog so you can enter your registration code
Order Now
Takes you to the Sequence Diagram Editor order page
Order Later/Try It
Allows you to continue your Sequence Diagram Editor evaluation without ordering at this time
Exit the application
When the trial period expires (after 14-days), certain features in the software will be disabled. You need to purchase the software and enter the registration code for the features to be re-enabled. The following features are disabled after the trial expires:  
·Export to RTF  
·Export to PDF  
·Export to Image  
If this is the first time the application has been started or there are no recent systems in the Most Recently Used (MRU) list, you should see the main workspace window with a default welcome system file with a tutorial.  
Otherwise, depending on your configuration settings (see User Settings) the application will:  
·Display the Recent Systems window  
·Open the most recently used system file and display it  
·Display a default system file with a single blank sequence diagram  
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