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License Agreement
Purchasing Sequence Diagram Editor
Getting Started
System Requirements
Starting the Application
Invalid Printer Settings Error
Registering the Software
Using Sequence Diagram Editor
The Workspace
Diagram View
Sample Diagram
Recent Systems Window
Working with the InputForm
Sequence Diagram Elements
Actor Element
Object Element
Unit Element
Separator Element
Group Element
Action Element
Block Element
Block End Element
Destroy Element
Diagram Link/Sub Diagram Element
Else Block Element
Flow Note Element
Free Note Element
Message Elements
Page Break Element
Scenario Start Element
Scenario Case Element
Scenario End Element
State Element
Steady State Element
Timer Start Element
Timer Stop Element
Timer Expiration Element
Main Menu
File Menu
Edit Menu
View Menu
Diagram Menu
Tools Menu
Window Menu
Help Menu
Standard Toolbar
Sequence Diagram Toolbar
Status Bar
Diagram Explorer
Context Menu
Display Diagram
Rename Node
Organize Diagrams And Folders
Create New Folder
Create New Diagram
Delete Diagrams And Folders
Classifier Explorer
Context Menu
Edit Classifier
Rename Node
Organize Classifiers And Folders
Create New Folder
Create New Classifier
Delete Classifiers And Folders
Create Classifier
Associate Classifier
Classifier Properties
General Tab
Messages Tab
Message Attributes Tab
States Tab
Actions Tab
Timers Tab
Blocks Tab
Workspace Tasks
Managing Dockable Views
Managing Menus and Toolbars
Managing Diagram Views
System File Tasks
Creating a New Blank System
Opening an Existing System File
Importing Diagrams and Classifiers From Another File
Diagram Tasks
Creating a New Diagram
New Diagram Window
Zooming a Diagram View
Diagram Properties
Diagram Title and Description
Note Display Levels
Page Setup
Diagram Scale
Undoing/Redoing Changes
Header Scroll Lock
Moving The Insertion Position
Adding New Header Elements
Adding New Body Elements
Selecting Elements
Modifying Existing Elements
Changing an Element's Type
Moving/Copying Elements Using Drag & Drop
Moving/Copying Elements Using Cut & Paste
Moving/Copying Elements From One Diagram to Another
Deleting Diagram Elements
Grouping Header Elements
Ungrouping Header Elements
Find/Replace Diagram And Element Text
Using Regular Expressions in Search Replace
Working With Free Notes
Adding New Free Note
Navigating Through Free Notes
Editing Free Notes
Moving Free Notes
Resizing Free Notes
Resetting Free Note Size
Showing/Hiding Free Note Connector
Moving Free Note Connector
Anchoring a Free Note to Another Element
Changing Free Note Z-Order
Diagram Element Documentation Notes
Exporting Diagrams
RTF Export
PDF Export
Image Export
Printing Diagrams
Diagram Footer
User Settings
Keyboard Shortcuts
Customizing the Application
Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
Customizing Toolbar & Menu Commands
Toolbar & Menu Options
Team Development

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