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An object is a header element that represents an instance of a class in a software system or one of its components.  

Objects are lifelined elements, which means they can send/receive messages and have actions, states, blocks, and timers associated with them.  
Object elements are added and modified using the Object Input Form:  
TIP: Pressing the Esc key will clear the contents of the input form and return the focus to the Type combo box. You can then select the type of element you want to add from the dropdown or by typing the first few letters of the desired selection.  
Name for the object (must be unique in the diagram). The name is used to refer to this object when adding body elements such as messages and states
Stereotype applied to the object
The classifier for the object. Stores the messages, states, actions, and timers associated with the object and used for auto-complete
Create a new classifier to associated with the object (see Creating Classifiers)
Overrides the default display text for the object which is a combination of the name and classifier. Leave blank to use the default display text
Display Name
Check to include the object name in the default display text
Display Class
Check to include the object classifier name in the default display text
Documentation for the object (not included in diagram)
Padding Left
Additional padding (in inches) applied to the left of the object
Padding Right
Additional padding (in inches) applied to the right of the object
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