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Keyboard shortcuts simplify the completion of common tasks. Sequence Diagram Editor supports fully customizable keyboard shortcuts for all application commands. Shortcuts available for commands are displayed next to the menu entry for each command and in the status bar description of the command.  
TIP: You can use alternate keyboard shortcuts (see Working with the Input Form) to perform edit operations (cut/copy/paste/undo) on input form controls (e.g., paste text into a text box) since by default the standard Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts are reserved for diagram edit operations in the Diagram View.  
Sequence Diagram Editor supports two types of shortcuts:  
·Simple shortcuts consisting of a single combination of keys  
·Chord shortcuts consisting of two consecutive shortcut key combinations  
The shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow is an example of a simple shortcut used to move the insertion position up by one spot.  
The shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P, V is an example of a chord shortcut used to display the print preview for the active diagram.  
To use a chord shortcut, press the first set of keys in the chord (Ctrl+Shift+P) followed by the second set of keys (V). When the first set of keys is pressed, the status bar will change to indicate that the application is waiting for the completing sequence. Note that in this example, the second key (V) does not require that the Ctrl key be pressed.  
Press the second key combination of the chord or Esc to cancel the chord shortcut.  
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