Importing Diagrams and Classifiers From Another File  
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Sequence Diagram Editor can import diagrams and classifiers from one diagram file into another. This feature is useful for sharing diagrams and working in teams. In this topic:  
·Starting an Import  
·Diagram Import Conflicts  
·Classifier Import Conflicts  
Starting an Import  
To start the import process, invoke the Import from System command (File | Import | Import from System...) from the main menu. An Open File dialog will be displayed to select the system file from which to import followed by the import dialog to allow the selection of the elements to import.  
Import from
The system file from which to import diagrams and classifiers (system name in parenthesis)
Select a new system file from which to import
Import Elements
Select the elements to import (checked elements will be imported)
Select All
Checks all the elements in the import list
Clear All
Clear all elements in the import list
Import Linked Classifiers
If checked, classifiers used in imported diagrams are also imported even if not explicitly selected for import. Otherwise, linked classifiers are not imported which may break the association with the classifier.
Import Linked Diagrams
If checked, diagrams linked to by imported diagrams are also imported even if not explicitly selected for import. Otherwise they are not imported (this may break the link).
Use Import Folder
If checked, imported diagrams and classifiers are placed in a special top-level folder named "Import from XXX" where XXX is the name of the system. Otherwise, imported diagrams are placed at the top level of the hierarchy.
Show Tips
Show tooltips for the dialog
Start the import process
Cancel the import
Diagram Import Conflicts  
The import process recognizes diagrams based only on their internally generated ID values and can identify when the same diagram (possibly modified) is being re-imported into the system. This could happen with the following scenario:  
·A copy of a system file is made (using Save As...)  
·A diagram in the copy is modified  
·The modified diagram in the copy is imported into the original system file using the import process  
Sequence Diagram Editor will recognize the import conflict and present the Import Conflict message box.  
·Select Yes to overwrite the existing diagram with the imported diagram  
·Select No to create a copy of the imported diagram and leave the existing diagram untouched  
·Select Cancel to skip the import on the conflicting diagram (import of other elements will continue)  
If you select Yes, the imported diagram will not appear in the typical import location, but will instead overwrite the existing diagram in its current location.  
Classifier Import Conflicts  
Classifiers are matched with existing classifiers using not only their internally generated ID values, but also using their fully qualified names (namespace plus classifier name.) Thus if two independent system files both create classifiers named Student within the same namespace, the import process will assume that they both refer to the same classifier (even if their ID values are different.)  
When the import process detects a match with an existing classifier (either by ID or by name), the Import Conflict dialog box for classifiers will be displayed.  
·Select Copy to create a copy of the classifier in the import folder (name and namespace are not changed)  
·Select Merge to perform a union of the existing and imported classifiers (more below)  
·Select Overwrite to overwrite the existing classifier with the imported classifier  
·Select Cancel to skip the import of the classifier (may break associations)  
The Merge and Overwrite options do not import the classifier but instead alter the already existing classifier in the system (links to the imported classifier are changed to point to the existing classifier.) The difference is that merge creates a union of all the message, message attribute, state, action, timer and block lists in the two classifiers (removing duplicates) while overwrite clears all information in the existing classifier.  
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