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The Edit Menu provides general edit, find/replace, and Insertion Position commands.  
Undo the last action or command
Redo the last undone action or command
Cut selected diagram elements (Notice Ctrl+Shift+X shortcut)
Copy selected diagram elements (Notice Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut)
Paste selected diagram elements (Notice Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut)
Clear selected text
Select All
Select all diagram elements
Delete selected diagram elements
Show the Find & Replace window
Show the Find & Replace window
Insertion Position
Show the insertion position menu
Insertion Position Menu  
Provides commands to move the insertion position based on its current location. Note that there are also commands to move the insertion position while extending the selection (not shown) and by default they can be invoked by adding the Shift key to the shortcut. For instance, to move the insertion position down while extending the selection, the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down would be used.  
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