Moving The Insertion Position  
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The insertion position serves as a caret indicating the position where new elements will be added to the diagram. The insertion position may be placed in the header or body portions of the diagram.  
To move the insertion position using the mouse:  
·Click on the desired location for the insertion position  
·If an element is selected by mistake, click in between the elements or towards the far left/right sides of the diagram to avoid selecting the element  
The Shift key can be used to perform a range selection of elements while moving the insertion position:  
·Place the insertion position at the start of the range  
·Hold the Shift key while moving the insertion position to the end of the range (clicking on the location)  
To move the insertion position using the menu:  
·Use the insertion position commands in the edit menu or their associated shortcuts.  
To move the insertion position using the keyboard:  
·Use one of the keyboard shortcuts associated with the insertion position commands. By default the shortcuts are Ctrl+Alt+CursorKey, where CursorKey is the desired movement. For example, to move the insertion position up by one position, use Ctrl+Alt+Up.  
There are matching insertion position movement commands that also extend the selection. By default, these commands have shortcuts that match the corresponding movement shortcut but also include the Shift key. To move the insertion position up by one position while extending the selection, use Ctrl+Alt+Shift.  
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