Modifying Existing Elements  
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When diagram elements are selected (see Selecting Elements), the input form is used to modify the contents or to change the type of the element. If multiple elements are selected, the input form can only be used to modify the last selected element.  
For example, if an action element is selected, the input form becomes:  
Notice that the Type combo box is now disabled, the Add button is now Apply, and the Change... button is enabled.  
After changing the desired fields for the element:  
·Click Apply button (or press Enter since it is default button) to commit the changes to the element  
·Click Cancel button (or press Esc key) to cancel the change  
By default, if changes have been made and you accidentally select another element or move the insertion position, a message box will appear to confirm whether changes should be committed or discarded.  
·Select Yes to commit the changes to the element  
·Select No to discard the changes to the element  
·Select Cancel to cancel the selection/move and continue editing the current element  
The Commit Changes message box can be disabled through user settings.  
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