Resizing Free Notes  
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By default, free notes are automatically sized to fit the text they are displaying. Their size and shape can also be manually adjusted.  
Once a note has been manually resized, it will retain its given size when the note text changes (even if the text doesn't fit in the note.) The Reset Note Size command can be used to restore the free note to automatic resizing based on contents (see Resetting Free Note Size.)  
To manually change the size/shape of a free note:  
·Select the note using the mouse or note navigation command  
·Move the mouse over one of the green resize rectangles in a corner of the main note area  
·The cursor should change into a resize cursor when it is over one of the resize rectangles  
·Press and hold down the left mouse button  
·Drag the mouse while holding the left mouse button to change the size and shape of the note  
·Release the mouse button when the note has the desired shape and size  
Press Esc key at any time during the drag to cancel the resize operation.  
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