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The diagram footer controls the text that is printed in the footer section of each diagram page. Footers are only displayed when the diagram is printed, they are not included when it is exported.  
There are three footers associated with the diagram: left, center, and right. Each is displayed respectively in the left, center, and right portions of the page.  
Diagram Footer Fields  
The diagram footer uses the following text fields:  
[Page#] - Replaced by the current page number  
[TotalPages] - Replaced by the total number of pages  
[SDSFileVersion] - Replaced by the SDS file version in the Options dialog  
[Version] - Replaced by the diagram version text in the diagram properties  
[ModifiedDate] - Replaced by the last date the diagram was modified  
[PrintDate] - Replaced by the date the diagram is being printed  
The date fields support additional formats:  
[ModifiedTime] - Replaced with the time when the diagram was last modified  
[ModifiedDateLong] - Replaced with the long representation of the modified date  
[ModifiedTimeLong] - Replaced with the long representation of the modified time  
[ModifiedDateTime] - Replaced with both the modified date & time  
the same options are available for the PrintDate field.  
For example, if you want to include the page # and total pages in the center footer, you would set it to: "Page [Page#] of [TotalPages]" (without including the ").  
Setting the Diagram Footer  
There are two footer settings: global footer settings and per diagram settings.  
The global footer settings are specified through the Options dialog and are used as the default footers for all the diagrams.  
Using the Diagram Properties dialog, you can override the global footer settings in each individual diagram with footer text that will apply only to that diagram.  
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