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The messages tab displays the defined messages for the classifier.  
Messages Locked
Checked to lock messages and prevent automatic update of the classifier when diagrams are modified
Class Classifier
Sets the classifier type to class (all messages available irrespective of source)
Unit Classifier
Sets the classifier type to unit (where set of available messages is based on the source classifier)
The source classifier for which messages are being displayed/defined (only applicable for unit classifiers)
List of messages for the classifier (for the current source for unit classifiers). One message is defined per line.
The messages list contains the messages for the classifier in the form they will appear in the auto-complete hints. Note that if the Ignore Parameters option is not checked in the General Tab, there may be multiple instances of the same message with different parameter information.  
Messages are automatically added to the list as diagrams containing the classifier are modified if Messages Locked is not checked, otherwise messages are not added to the list automatically. New messages are compared with existing messages in the list using the Ignore Parameters and Ignore Case options and included only if they don't match a message already in the list.  
Message information is used to auto-complete the message name in the Message Input Form.  
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