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The Classifier Explorer view allows you to edit, rename, organize, create, and delete the classifiers in a system file. You can activate the classifier explorer by invoking the View Classifier Explorer command (View | View Classifier Explorer) from the main menu or using the appropriate shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+C by default).  
The classifier explorer is a docked view that can be floated, docked, unpinned, and closed (see Workspace Tasks). It provides a tree view of the classifiers in the system file. The classifier explorer consists of three types of elements:  
·System sits at the root of the hierarchy  
·Folders can be added at any level and help to organize classifiers  
Classifier Explorer Tasks:  
Edit Classifiers  
Rename a Node (Classifier, Folder, or System)  
Organize Classifiers and Folders  
Create a New Folder  
Create a New Classifier  
Delete Classifiers and Folders  
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