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What is Sequence Diagram Editor?

Spending too much time drawing and editing sequence diagrams? Frustrated by your current tool? Whether you want to sketch out a simple sequence diagram to test an idea, or create a complex sequence diagram to document your design, Sequence Diagram Editor can help.

Sequence Diagram Editor is a simple, yet extremely effective, tool for creating and maintaining sequence diagrams. It uses a text based input form interface for data entry, with full support for auto-complete, and shows you the changes to the resulting diagram as you make them. A caret-like insertion position shows you exactly where new elements will be added, much like a word processor but for sequence diagrams!

You can easily change the order of the elements or move things around using the mouse (drag & drop) or the keyboard (cut & paste.) Sequence Diagram Editor takes care of all the layout and formatting changes automatically.

Additional elements like states, actions, timers, and scenarios make Sequence Diagram Editor ideal for:

  • Software design using UML sequence diagrams

  • Call flow diagrams for cellular/telecom/wireless systems

  • Interaction diagrams for system level design

  • Use case analysis and elaboration

  • Process flow diagrams for business process engineering

  • Telecom Message Sequence Charts (MSCs)

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Features at a Glance

  • Ease of Use - Sequence Diagram Editor uses a simple and intuitive input form interface to help you add/change elements in your diagram. It automatically takes care of tedious layout and formatting tasks.

  • Auto-complete - The auto-complete feature simplifies the creation and maintenance of diagrams as it automatically provides a list of names for messages, states, actions, timers and blocks based on existing diagram data or values you provide. Auto-complete information is fully customizable using classifiers to define available values for each type of entity.

  • Easily edit/rearrange diagram - You can move diagram elements using drag and drop or cut and paste. The diagram is rearranged automatically as you add, move, or delete elements.

  • Multi-page diagram support - Sequence Diagram Editor seamlessly handles diagrams that are longer than a page. Pagination is done automatically based on your selected paper size; similar to a word processor but for sequence diagrams!

  • Diagram Title and Description - You can easily specify a title and description for each diagram and choose whether or not to display them as part of the diagram. You can also toggle the display of guidelines (dotted horizontal lines,) change the default font, and choose the note detail level for each diagram.

  • Additional elements - With elements like states, actions and timers you can easily model call flows, state machines, embedded, distributed and real-time systems. Conditional blocks conveniently allow you to represent simple looping and if/then/else logic in your diagram (see full list of available elements.)

  • Scenarios are a natural way to show multiple operational scenarios (e.g., success/failure cases) in a single diagram, while diagram links allow you to abstract details or commonality into separate diagrams.

  • Add meaningful documentation - You can add documentation notes directly to your diagram. Each note can have a different detail level, and you can show or hide notes based on the desired level of detail. You can also attach documentation notes to individual elements that automatically "follow" them as they are moved. You can decide whether they are displayed in the diagram and/or included in the printed documentation.

  • Export and Printing - Once you've created your diagrams, you can print them in a variety of sizes and orientations, or if you prefer, you can export your diagrams to a Rich Text Format (RTF) document (compatible with Microsoft Word) to embed in your design documents or an Adobe PDF document for distribution.

  • Diagram scaling - Full support for diagram scaling. You can easily scale the diagram to fit within your selected paper width (supports both portrait and landscape orientations.)

  • Powerful search/replace functionality - It allows you to easily find what you are looking for and make global changes in your diagrams (with full support for regular expressions). Changing a message or state name? No problem!

  • Diagram templates - You can create new diagrams based on existing ones.  The more diagrams you create, the more time you'll save when combined with classifiers and auto-complete.

  • Sequence diagram auto-generation - Sequence Diagram Editor uses an XML file to store diagram information. You can autogenerate this file from your data (using your own program/editor) and use Sequence Diagram Editor to display and print it.

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Great tool... nothing but praise for its ease of use and usefulness

-- Ian Taylor,

XCV Pty Ltd


I've been evaluating your software package. It's phenomenal. Having normally used Visio for sequence diagrams I'm used to spending too much time monkeying with how the diagram looks and keeping it consistent. Your sequence diagram editor gives a better graphic presentation and captures additional information.

-- Name withheld by request



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